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I am fortunate enough to have exceptional customers, past and present.  I want to share the message of Ionized Water, sometimes referred to as Optimized Water.  What an influence it can have on your life!  My focus is on the foundation of the body knowing that water makes up 70% of the anatomy.  Dehydration and Oxidative Stress play a key role in Aging and Degenerative Disease.  Mineral Rich Ionized Water addresses both of these conditions.  It is this kind of water that we have found that simply supports life, as opposed to water that taxes the body and makes us sick.   Thrive, not survive.  It is the difference between Walking in a Fog or Leading the Way.  Living with a Smile or Thinking, “ is there something better out there?”  Accepting the Pain and Fatigue, or Being Free.  Most of all, the assurance knowing that the foundation is clean, flowing and energized!   Can you feel it!

So my major focus is on my Virginia Beach Community.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people.  The truth is we really don’t know how your body will respond to this water.  Each person is unique in their own personal challenges.  This blog is dedicated to delivering the truth about this water and how it effects those in the VB area.  It has been my experience that 80% of the people that drink the water in the recommended amounts notice a change in their body.  Whether digestion has improved, sleep is sounder or weight is lost (or gained when needed in some cases), this is a change in the right direction.  Whether it’s life changing or subtle we have to start working with the body if we want to Thrive.

Ask locals why they drink this water and the answers may surprise you.  It gives me energy, I feel ten years younger, my back no longer hurts, or I just feel better.  The reasons are endless.  I truly believe it is poor health and a lack of proper nutrition that aids the body in the aging process.  Water delivers nutrition to every part on the body so the quality of water we drink must be nutritious to support a quality life.  Along the same note, people are taking high quality antioxidants (and paying BIG money for them) with water that oxidizes the body.  While the lungs were made to release carbon dioxide from the body, sodas we drink are full of carbon dioxide.  This does not do our bodies justice.  Be kind to the body and watch it Thrive.

Let’s Thrive get this Blog Started.  And it’s OK, if your a skeptic.  The water will work for you too!








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